25Sep '18

Blue Ocean High School Entrepreneurship Competition Announces Launch of Program for 2018-2019 School Year

Crossroads today,United States

The Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship Competition, the largest student-led entrepreneurial competition for high school students across the globe, announced the launch of its program for the 2018-2019 school year.
24Sep '18

Marketing: how can you take on a big competitor?

Get Fluence,France

Sane Lebrun believes that blue oceans can be created in any market. She sees the French party “En Marche!”, launched by Emmanuel Macron, as a blue ocean that, in less than a year, wiped out the two incumbent dinosaur parties and allowed its founder to take the reins of the world’s fifth power.
18Sep '18

Best Vietnamese books of 2018 announced

Vietnam Plus,Vietnam

Blue Ocean Shift has been announced as the winner of the 2018 Good Books Awards (category: Management) held by the Institute of Education (IRED), Phan Chau Trinh Fund and OpenEdu Initiative in Ho Chi Minh City on September,10, 2018.
16Sep '18

Blue ocean strategy key to surviving stiff competition

Business Daily Africa,Kenya

Cathy Mputhia explains why she believes that Blue Ocean Strategy can greatly help Kenyan entrepreneurs.
12Sep '18

Blue Ocean Strategy brings windfall for Masamichi Studio

Raja, W.
The Bruneian News,Brunei

Jason Ong, founder of Masamichi Studio in Brunei, discusses how blue ocean strategy helped the photography studio to rake in huge profits despite the highly saturated market of photography services in Brunei.
06Sep '18

The return to humanness and collaborative innovation

Gupta, I.

In the never-ending race for greater productivity and measurement, management practices appear to have lost touch with key human values. Indrajit Gupta believes that it is time to correct that and explains how Blue Ocean Shift is calling for a return to humanness. 
04Sep '18

How businesses can turn non-customers to clients

Openda, F.
The Star,Kenya

How do we lure potential buyers in today’s highly competitive market? Prof Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, the Herman C Krannert Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, shares insights on value innovation, a key tactic for businesses and the cornerstone of Blue Ocean Strategy.
16Aug '18

A Red Ocean Strategy

Iannarino, A.
Forbes,United States

Anthony Iannarino discussed how to live, thrive, and survive in a Red Ocean.
13Aug '18

Por qué la innovación tecnológica no es siempre la solución

Talent Street,Spain

Technological innovation is not always the answer to the problems that competitive companies face.
05Aug '18

“Going Broke and Moving Back in with My Parents at 29 was the Best Thing…

Marquet, K.
Medium,United States

Learn how Mike Coughlin, CEO and Founder of the Blue Ocean Life, applied the blue ocean concepts to revamp his personal life.
07Aug '18

What is blue ocean strategy?

Thomas, P.
Verdict,United Kingdom

Peter Thomas, executive director at the Leasing Foundation, explores how blue ocean strategy can be applied to the leasing industry.
05Aug '18

Blue Wine? Spain’s flamboyant innovation makes inroads to French stores

Cullmann, V.

Gik, the highly instagrammable Spanish blue wine, inspired by Blue Ocean Strategy,  makes its debut in France.
24Jul '18

Ce faci pe o piață unde s-a inventat deja totul?

Mocanu, D.

Dan Mocanu discusses the blue ocean created by Foreo Moon in the crowded Oral Hygiene industry. Dan shares their strategy canvas and explains how Foreo Moon created the star of toothbrushes by mixing the convenience of a classic toothbrush with the efficiency of an electrical one.
26Jul '18

The Marketing Concept that Changed My Life

Van Dyken, R.
Indie Reader,United States

Rachel Van Dyken, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author, tells us how Blue Ocean Strategy shifted her world.
12Jul '18

Les cinq vagues de la stratégie « océan bleu » de l’entreprise d’Emmanuel Macron

Iselin, F.
The Conversation,France

Frederic Iselin, Affiliate Professor at HEC, sees a parallel between the profound upheaval of the French political landscape - since the election of President Emmanuel Macron - and Blue Ocean Strategy.
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