Blue Ocean Studio®

Shift the way you think about strategy

About the Studio

The Studio is a digital, collaborative workspace for developing and implementing creative ideas and making your shift.
Learn and apply the concepts and tools of BLUE OCEAN SHIFT anytime and anywhere to start on your blue ocean journey.

Collaborate in
real time

Work seamlessly and communicate instantly with your team on any project, at any time.

Use tools and

Access blue ocean tools and frameworks and follow a guided process to create new market space.

Work from

The Studio is a hands-on digital workspace. Work at your own pace on multiple projects from anywhere.

Who is it for?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, or educator, Blue Ocean Studio® offers you and your team a powerful way to create new market space and seize new growth.

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Asked Questions

There are two options for an initial subscription to the Blue Ocean Studio®:

  1. USD 99.00 for three months
  2. USD 299.00 for twelve months

Your subscription will be renewed automatically based on your initial subscription. You may choose to change your plan to the following options:

  1. USD 99.00 for three months
  2. USD 299.00 for twelve months
  3. USD 39.00 per month

Payments are made in USD. If you have a card or bank account in non-USD currency, in most cases your bank will automatically make the conversion.

Click ‘Register’ at the top of this page to create an account with Blue Ocean Academy™. You will then be taken to the main dashboard where you can click on ‘Subscribe to Blue Ocean Studio®’

Upon successful payment, you will receive two emails:

  1. A confirmation email from the payment gateway, Stripe
  2. An email confirming your enrolment into Blue Ocean Studio™

The Blue Ocean Studio® is organized into two components:

  1. Blue Ocean 101™ – a practical introduction course
  2. Studio – an interactive workspace

You can choose to begin by either starting the Blue Ocean 101™ course or by entering the Studio to create your own blue ocean projects.

Both the Blue Ocean 101™ course and the Studio are linked through the Blue Ocean 101™ course project, which will allow you to apply the blue ocean concepts learned.

There are three ways in which you can enter the Studio. First, you can enter the Studio through the Blue Ocean 101™ course from modules 3-9. This will take you to a default “Course Project” within the Studio, where you will be guided to apply the concepts learned in the course. This course project will only be accessible to yourself and you will not be able to invite any collaborators to this project.

Second, you can enter the Studio by navigating to your dashboard and clicking “Enter Studio” which will take you to the main studio, where you can create as many projects as you wish. Third, you can also click on “Projects” on the toolbar at the top of your dashboard which will, similarly, take you to your main studio page.

You may create as many projects as you wish within your studio.